In the event of an issue that may involve material purchased from Trident Steel, please refer to the protocol below, and notify Trident immediately by calling Kevin Beckmann at 1.800.777.9687.


If you as a Customer experience a problem with the material purchased from Trident Steel, and believe that it does not conform to the applicable API specification, you should notify Trident Steel immediately and quarantine all of the material in question. If you proceed to put the material in service, you will be waiving any claims you may have against Trident Steel.

Following quarantine of the material in question do not cut or modify the material in any way. Do not use solvents or other chemicals on the material. If the material must be cleaned, use only water. Cutting or other modification, or use of harsh chemicals may adversely affect the material analysis.

You must notify Trident before the material is moved, and before testing of the material is performed, in order to allow Trident and the manufacturer (as well as any material processor and other parties involved with the transaction) the opportunity to participate in the selection of one or more testing laboratories, and development of the testing protocol to be used. No testing is allowed without prior notification of all the parties involved.

Trident reserves the right to conduct its own independent evaluation and testing of the materials you as Customer claim to be non-conforming or defective.

Any test results generated by testing which does not adhere to these requirements will be invalid.

As part of the claims procedure, and in order to conduct a full, proper investigation, you may be asked to provide Trident with information pertaining to the claim, including but not limited to things like a copy of the original purchase order / PO number, the release information provided by Trident at time of pick-up/delivery, photographs of the material and any stenciling / identifying marks, the location where the problem was discovered, the name and location of the well / job site / right of way where the material was being used, copies of daily reports and logs pertaining to drilling and completion of that well, and the contact information for those companies / individuals involved.

Initiating a claim for defective goods does not relieve you as the Customer from your obligation to pay Trident’s invoices for the material in question. The Customer does not have the right to set-off, reduction or withholding of payment due pursuant to the terms of the invoice. Trident will assist its Customer with the processing of any claims with the mill and/or insurance, but payment of Trident’s invoice for the material is required, regardless of the existence of a claim.