OCTG Tubing

Trident Steel represents domestic and international mills, and offers a variety of grades of OCTG tubing including API J55, JFBNAU, L80, and P110. Tubing is used in drilling applications, and serves to bring hydrocarbons (oil or gas) to the surface for processing. Trident Steel’s aggressive strategy of cost-control, and just-in-time delivery will help you drive down the costs associated with your completions work.

Trident Steel offers 2 3/8″, 2 7/8” and 3 ½” OD tubing, as well as macaroni tubing. We also offer a variety of grades and end finish options so that customers can select tubing that fits their needs. We can ship to any U.S. location, and maintain several stocking points in the Permian, Mid-Continent, Rockies, and Gulf Coast regions for quick delivery.

API Steel Tubing Features

  • Available Sizes: 2 3/8″, 2 7/8″ and 3 ½” Outer Diameter
  • Macaroni Tubing: 1 1/4 “ – 2 1/16” Nom.
  • Grades: J55, J55-FBNAU, L80, P110
  • End Finishing: External Upset Ends (EUE), PH6 (and equivalent connections), Flush Joint, Integral Joint (IJ)
  • Specialties:
    • Threading
    • Heat treating
    • External upset
    • Drifting (Full-length, or just ends)
    • Hydrostatic Testing
    • Full third-party inspection capabilities (EMI, SEA, and Weld Line)
    • Couplings – EUE, AB Modified, turned down, special clearance couplings
    • Coating to customer specifications
    • Pup Joints

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View OCTG spec sheet.

Tubing Sizes and Available Grades:

OD Wall PE # / ft T&C # / ft Collar API Drift Available Grades
2.375″ .190 4.44 4.7 EUE,
1.901 J55, J-FBNAU, L80, P110
2.875″ .217 6.17 6.5 EUE,
2.347 J55, J-FBNAU, L80, P110
3.5″ .254 8.81 9.3 EUE,
2.867 J55, J-FBNAU, L80, P110