Returned Goods Policy

In order to facilitate the return of any unused goods by our customers, Trident Steel requests that the following procedure be followed. This will ensure timely processing of returns, and enhanced transparency for our customers. Prior to the return of any material, for any reason, we ask that you communicate with your sales representative or a corporate executive, and obtain a Return Goods Authorization (“RGA”) number. This will allow us to properly track the material being returned, and avoid any delays at the receiving yard.

Trident Steel accepts the return of prime, unused tubing, casing, and line pipe for credit, subject to the following conditions:

    1. Pipe must be unused;
    2. The customer is responsible for both the original freight to location, and return freight to the
      location designated by the Trident Steel representative (normally Houston, TX);
    3. The customer is responsible for return goods inspection and restocking;
    4. If pipe is not in API prime condition, the customer’s credit will be reduced to reflect charges,
      including but not limited to:

      • a. OCTG (Casing and Tubing)
        • i. Clean, visually inspect threads for pitting / damage, reapply pipe dope, re-drift;
        • ii. Replacing missing/damaged thread protectors;
        • iii. Replacing damaged collars;
        • iv. De-denting material (except P110 and HCP110);
        • v. Cut backs and re-threading of material due to damaged/pitted threads (and
          resulting lost footage)
      • b. Line Pipe
        • i. Repairing coating damage (up to and including stripping and re-coating)
        • ii. Cut-backs and re-beveling due to end/bevel damage (and resulting lost footage)
        • iii. De-denting

We encourage all of our customers to take multiple photographs of any material prior to returning the goods.

** No credit will be given for used pipe.
** Before any repairs / remediation occurs, the customer will be notified and provided with the relevant details.
** No returns will be accepted more than 30 days after the original shipment date without written authorization from Trident Steel management.

Please also note that stenciling must still be visible in order to verify that material came from Trident Steel inventory (and to satisfy the API requirements).

No credit will be given for material provided from other vendors. Please ensure to only return material provided by Trident Steel, as neither Trident nor the receiving yards take any responsibility for material supplied by other vendors.